Disable JSON Rest API List All Roles Add Body Classes Automatic Title Tag Show PHP Errors Modify Allowed Upload Mime Types Members Only Content Shortcode Restrict Admin Panel to Administrators Only Alter Custom Background Behaviour Protect wp-config.php with .htaccess Show Custom Image Sizes in Admin Media Uploader Return The First Link in a Post Author Bio Excerpt Check If Sidebar Has Widgets Truncate Post Title – Updated Pagination for Twitter Bootstrap Nav Menu for Twitter Bootstrap Override WordPress and Site URL Display Custom Taxonomy Tags Outside the Loop Add Contextual Help Tabs Add Custom Image Sizes to Media Popup Set Featured Image Automatically Remove WordPress Logo From Admin Bar Exclude Posts With Certain Tag Hide Toolbar When There’s an Error Remove Login Shake Remove Caption Inline Width Check If Mobile Device Force Direct Update Load jQuery in Footer Simple HTML in widget title Get parent page ID if exists .htaccess Gzip Compression Truncate Post Title Theme Specific Conditional Include All Post Types in Search Only show admin bar to administrators Schedule cron jobs with WordPress Change ‘Enter Title Here’ Text For Custom Post Type Show number of queries and page load time Disable plugin updates Automatically Set the Featured Image Keep WordPress from Compressing JPGs Extend search to include custom post meta QR code with article link List all categories with posts Only show the authors posts in the edit list Redirect user after login Github Gist Shortcode Add Links to WordPress 3.3 New Toolbar Get depth of current page Limit excerpt words Hide posts in the “uncategorized” category Replace “Howdy” in WordPress 3.3+ Admin Bar Set permalink settings from functions.php Different admin and theme languages Exclude a custom post type from search Add ancestor class to single posts Add Post Class if Post has thumbnail Comment Count Shortcode Show widget area only if it exists Rearrange category order Gravatar as Favicon Restrict user access Get Featured Image Source Limit Search Results to Specific Post Types Add Additional Image Sizes Extend WordPress visual editor Detect iPhone users Remove theme editor submenu Exclude category from homepage Functions to Fetch Custom Field Values Add post formats support Custom column for post type Hide ‘screen options’ tab Check if post has more than one image attached Define widget area in post or page Visual Editor CSS Check PHP version Get parent page name Pagination without plugin Delete posts from the Admin bar Post views without plugin Add meta boxes Pull in the tags related to a category Custom Admin CSS Absolute Parent of Any Child Page Disable self trackbacks Enable threaded comments Remove update notification Change WP 3.2 HTML Editor font Code in posts Display user info Add/remove contact info fields Check user role Plugin Action Link Filter Get top level categories / taxonomy Remove class and ID’s from Custom Menus Using wp_die for error messages Disable Google Analytics for logged in users Dynamic copyright text Post classes for the loop Highlight Current Page in Menu Allow contributors to add photos Add Odd/Even to Posts Multiple Custom menus Check if last post Hide admin ‘help’ tab Remove images from content Custom "Upload/Insert" Media Toolbar Remove Gallery Settings Dynamic custom length excpert Blank line/Empty row Improve the excerpt Delete Post From Front-End Custom field outside the loop Split up images and text Create a template Recent posts with date Remove default inline style of wp-caption Include Future Posts in RSS Feed Force categories widget to show empty cats Disable admin bar Automatically activate Plugins Add/Remove Admin Bar Links Disable the Visual Editor Get current page has_term() function Default Post Content Change Login Logo URL Pre-fill a Custom Menu Create a new Page Display Number Of Posts Show Images from Post or Page Attachments Loop within the loop WP MySQL Snippets Different content for Mac and Win Breadcrumbs without plugin List posts by category Avoid Duplicate Posts in Multiple Loops Change role access to Menus and Widgets Retrieve Last Year Archives Only List subpages and siblings Display posts from a category on a page Thumbnail source Get post’s category name/ID Custom display of Links Check if post is a child Show Tag Cloud Strip away CSS selector attributes from wp_nav_menu Change version in WP-Admin footer Enable a Specific Custom Field Customize default avatar Adjust Vimeo Auto-Embed Size Edit Navigation Output Limit amount of post revisions Hide login errors WP enqeue script IE conditional actions Paypal Donation Shortcode Page excerpt Redirect to URL from Title Image Custom Field Increase default number of custom fields Split WordPress Custom Field Values Login / Logout link Set default editor Specify autosave interval Maintenance mode Change Role Capabilities Custom taxonomy conditional tag Include any file Remove Private/Protected from Post Title Display total number of comments Shortcodes in templates Shortcodes in Widgets Add shortcodes Display time ago(twitter style) Enable debug mode Increase memory limit Edit button on posts & pages Several Widget areas Conditional Tags extended Disable Google Analytics in preview-mode Check if user is logged in Register a plugin List random posts Separate Trackbacks Detect Browser Highlight search-result Reset your password Filter the Loop Conditional tags Highlight author comments Add Taxonomies Edit the help dropdown Empty Trash Automatically Disable automatic formatting Shorten the Excerpt Add a Dashboard Widget Disable WordPress Update Remove wlwmanifest Remove RSD link Remove meta generator Add Post/Page Thumbnails Add Custom Menus Support Change footer-text in WP Admin Change Login logo Remove Pages Columns Remove Posts Columns Customize the favorites dropdown-menu Remove meta-boxes Disable standard Widgets Disable dashboard Widgets Disable submenus from Admin Panel Disable top-level menus from Admin Panel 2 Disable top-level menus from Admin Panel 1 Change Admin logo