The new Media Uploader in WP 3.5

Yesterday I downloaded the WordPress 3.5 Release Candidate to check out the new stuff in WordPress 3.5. One thing that really impressed me was the new Media Uploader.

The Media Uploader has always been the weakest part of WordPress, and has kept me from using WordPress in image heavy websites. With this new release, that will hopefully change.

New UI

The biggest change is the new UI, which is really clean and easy to understand. Just take a look at these images.

Improved gallery view

The gallery(image 3) view is now much better. You now get a clear overview of what image it really is, and it easy to rearrange the image by dragging and dropping. You can also add the description directly in the overview, instead of having to opening up the image settings.

The “Update featured image”-button is here, finally!

In the current version of the media uploader, it’s really hard for WordPress newbies(like clients) to remember where they update the featured image, since the button to do so it just a link beside a button that says “Insert into post”. Now, it’s really easy and clear how you do it.

Wrap up

My first impression of the new Media Uploader was great, and I think this is something that really had to be done. It will probably be my favorite new feature of WordPress 3.5 that comes out in about two weeks. Let me know what you think!