The new WP-Snippets is here. So what’s new?

Welcome to the fourth version of WP-Snippets! In this version I’ve added tons of new features to make it easier to find the code snippets you’re looking for. In this post, I’ll present the biggest changes in the new version.

A new, responsive design

Responsive design is a hot topic right know, so I decided to go all in with CSS3 media queries. The new design adopts to screen resolutions from 320px to 1400px, which includes both iPhone and iMac users.

Favorite snippets

The ability to favorite snippets you find useful for easy access is back in a new form. As with the media queries, I’ve chosen a new technology for this function, HTML5 localStorage.

Using HTML5 localStorage, you can save the snippets you like to the favorites menu without having to log in. The favorites are stored in your browser, so the next time you come back, they will be right there waiting for you.

Snippet filtration

You know have the possibility to filter snippets instant, by category or keyword. Or both. This let’s you track down the snippet you need within seconds, and as you can see, you also have you’re favorites available straight from the frontpage.

Contribute with your snippets

In this new version you don’t have to register and log in to share a code snippet. You can add them right from the contribute page!

So if you have some code you have found useful, why not share it with thousands of WordPress developers?

Articles about WordPress development

I’m going to start writing about WordPress development here at WP-Snippets. Previously I’ve written two articles for Six Revision and one for Speckyboy, which have all been very appreciated. Hopefully, you find them good. Why don’t you sign up to the RSS-feed and give it a chance?

And more…

There’s a lot of features I haven’t mentioned here, so you’ll have to find out about them yourself. And if you find any bugs, please contact me so I can fix them!