Modify Allowed Upload Mime Types Restrict Admin Panel to Administrators Only Show Custom Image Sizes in Admin Media Uploader Add Contextual Help Tabs Add Custom Image Sizes to Media Popup Remove WordPress Logo From Admin Bar Remove Login Shake Simple HTML in widget title Only show admin bar to administrators Change ‘Enter Title Here’ Text For Custom Post Type Only show the authors posts in the edit list Redirect user after login Replace “Howdy” in WordPress 3.3+ Admin Bar Different admin and theme languages Extend WordPress visual editor Remove theme editor submenu Add post formats support Hide ‘screen options’ tab Visual Editor CSS Add meta boxes Custom Admin CSS Remove update notification Change WP 3.2 HTML Editor font Code in posts Add/remove contact info fields Allow contributors to add photos Hide admin ‘help’ tab Custom "Upload/Insert" Media Toolbar Remove Gallery Settings Create a template Remove default inline style of wp-caption Disable admin bar Automatically activate Plugins Add/Remove Admin Bar Links Disable the Visual Editor Default Post Content Change Login Logo URL Pre-fill a Custom Menu Change role access to Menus and Widgets Change version in WP-Admin footer Limit amount of post revisions Hide login errors Login / Logout link Set default editor Specify autosave interval Change Role Capabilities Edit button on posts & pages Disable Google Analytics in preview-mode Register a plugin Edit the help dropdown Empty Trash Automatically Disable automatic formatting Add a Dashboard Widget Disable WordPress Update Change footer-text in WP Admin Change Login logo Remove Pages Columns Remove Posts Columns Customize the favorites dropdown-menu Remove meta-boxes Disable standard Widgets Disable dashboard Widgets Disable submenus from Admin Panel Disable top-level menus from Admin Panel 2 Disable top-level menus from Admin Panel 1 Change Admin logo