has_term() function

Ok, you created a Custom Post Type and some Custom Taxonomies for it. Now you want to check wether your post has a term (aka category) from the new taxonomy. There’s no built-in function for this, or at least none that I know of (but I may be wrong).

Anyway, this simple function requires 2 parameters: 1) the term name, 2) the taxonomy name. It returns a boolean. Just paste it in your functions.php file and you’re good to go.< Oh, I almost forgot: term names are case-sensitive, so type carefully.

Code Snippet:

function has_term($term_name, $taxonomy_name) {
	$terms = get_terms($taxonomy_name, 'fields=names');
	for ($i=0; $i < count($terms); $i++) {
		if ($terms&#91;$i&#93; == $term_name) {
			return true;
	} return false;

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