Limit excerpt words

This snippet let’s you limit the allowed number of words used in the exerpt. Copy this code into your functions.php and insert the content by using use this on your theme:

<?php echo limit_words(get_the_excerpt(), '41'); ?>

Code Snippet:

function limit_words($string, $word_limit) {

	// creates an array of words from $string (this will be our excerpt)
	// explode divides the excerpt up by using a space character

	$words = explode(' ', $string);

	// this next bit chops the $words array and sticks it back together
	// starting at the first word '0' and ending at the $word_limit
	// the $word_limit which is passed in the function will be the number
	// of words we want to use
	// implode glues the chopped up array back together using a space character

	return implode(' ', array_slice($words, 0, $word_limit));


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