Remove Private/Protected from Post Title

This snippet removes the description before the post title when a post’s visibility is either Password protected or Private.

If your language is not english, you should replace Protected & Private (as seen in the code below), with the correspondent words in the language you are using.

Code Snippet:

function the_title_trim($title) {
	$title = attribute_escape($title);
	$findthese = array(
		'#Protected: #', // Notice the blank space after Protected:
		'#Private: #' // Notice again, otherwise the title get pushed.
	$replacewith = array(
		'', // What to replace "Protected: " with
		'' // What to replace "Private: " with
	$title = preg_replace($findthese, $replacewith, $title);
	return $title;
add_filter('the_title', 'the_title_trim');

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